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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How much does it cost to locate and mark utilities?
A.  The minimum charge is $300 for the 1st two hours. Additional hours are $75 per hour

Q. How much do air vacuum test holes cost?
A. Cost varies per site but typically $400 per test hole to 5 feet deep, extra cost for  depth, permits, traffic control etc.

Q.  Do you assume liability for any damages invovling underground utilities?
A.  No. We can only be responsible for utilities we located, exposed and surveyed to  CI/ASCE 38-02
Q.  How do you locate non-metallic utilities such as concrete storm drains or fiber optic cables in conduit?
A.  We use a variety of sonde transmitters with duct rods to insert inside the pipe/conduit

Q.  Can you give a depth reading by electronic measurment?
A.   Yes but it is not  accurate until confirmed by a test hole excavation to expose the utility

Q.  We don't want to wait for Miss Utility can we hire you instead?
A.  No. You must adhere to the law and call Miss Utility

Q.  Someone sprayed paint "all over" our lawn. Whom do we sue?
A.  No one. You wait 1 week, then mow your lawn

Q.  Why do you locate utilities by Radiant EMF measurement and not Ground Penetrating Radar?
A.  Due to the varying soil conditions and site conditions in this area GPR continues to prove itself an inefficient means of locating and identifying utilities. Additionally it is much more time consuming and expensive. We use our GPR for specific searches such as for a UST
Q. What is the number for Miss Utility?
A. 811

Note: Excavators must call 811 prior to excavation. Hiring a utility locating firm does not in any way guarantee all utilities will be detected and marked